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What Investors Look For...


Investors have a quick check list of what they are looking for in an entrepreneurs pitch.

  •  A better/faster/cheaper mousetrap. Changing the economy of a pre-existing business is less risky, but also has less of an upside.
  • A brave, new world project. This changes the perception of the problem by redefining the paradigm and changing the "rules of the game."
  • Category leadership. Will the company be the Number One business in its industry?
  • Market risk. Will the customer pay for the product/service? What is the viability of the business? Will it take too much time and money to find a market? Compared with technology or personnel risk, market risk is expensive.
  • Growth and value creation. The faster and easier the model is proven in its life cycle, the better.
  • Defensibility. Exclusive arrangements with partners, best-in-class technologies, and a team with a history of demonstrated success incur favor and confidence.
  • Experience. The more experience that is relevant to your idea, the better. Getting the expertise usually involves a lot of pain and suffering.